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The Battle of 300 and the Bible

March 2, 2012

Have you ever watched the movie 300?  While watching it you were motivated and encouraged because of the actions of these few men against such a great King of Persia Xerxes.  Then you find out that it was a true story.  Maybe you learned about this great battle in a history class or from the history channel.  A lot of times when we learn about history we learn about these great kings, great nations and great battles. Have you ever wondered how this lines up with the Bible?  After all, when you are learning about these areas none of the kings, or nations or battles from the Bible ever makes its way into the picture.  If it were up to the world we live in the Bible would find its way on the shelf and never to leave.  It is up to us to look through the Bible and find where all these other areas fit.

The movie 300 was based on a great battle.  But where does that fit with the Bible?  In the battle of 300 we read of a mighty king named Xerxes.  As the movie portrays his kingdom was large and he wanted to be treated like a god.  When you start studying through the Bible you will notice that the name Xerxes appears in the book of Ezra.  I know what you’re thinking; can it be the same person?  In fact it is.  The book of Ezra covers the time in which the children of Israel are in bondage and are allowed to go back to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple.  In Ezra 4:6 we read about the reign of Ahasuerus.  It is interesting that when you investigate this name it is what the Hebrews called Xerxes.  Not only do we read about the great king Xerxes in the book of Ezra but we also read about his father king Darius and his son Artaxerxes.  With further studying you will notice that Esther from the book of Esther is Xerxes wife.  In fact when he returns home form his loss against the Greeks she was there to comfort him.

The list could go on and on and on when you start comparing great kings and nations and battles to the Bible.  The world around us may want to ignore the historical facts that are in the Bible but it is up to us to look for these facts.  It is up to us to teach our parents, children, friends about these facts. By doing this it will help them look at the Bible as true historical book of facts and not just stories that they learned in bible class.

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